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Polyester and Pink Flamingoes

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by Nikki Willhite  

They say that you spend the first half of your life buying things, and the second half giving them away. For most people, I think this is true. There comes a point in your life when comfort is paramount, and material possessions lose importance. I call this the "Polyester and Pink Flamingos" stage of life.

You are like a train going uphill. Eventually you will reach the apex of the hill. From this vantage point, you see things a lot more clearly. You will have a better realization of what is really important in life. Comfort will be more important than fashion. Security will trump possessions. Possessions that are not used become clutter and a financial regret.

You are now thinking of the future when you will not be earning income. You wish you had purchased fewer items and saved more money. The things that bring you the most happiness are the memories of time spent with family and friends, and hugs from your grandchildren.


I can see where it would, but as a woman who has been around the block a few times, and reached that apex, I can tell you that things look different from the top of the hill.

Don't fill your final years with regret over money wasted on unnecessary purchases or services. Those expensive manicures are going to be meaningless to you someday. You are going to wish you had the invested the money. Live a simple, yet comfortable life. Be wise with your money. Value the energy of your youth, and prepare now to enjoy the coming days of "Polyester and Pink Flamingos."

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Frugal Wisdom Thru the Ages

What does it mean to be a frugal person?  Frugal people like to save money and stay out of debt.  Frugal people spend their money carefully.  Frugal people are Thrifty, Prudent, Economical, Sparing, penny-wise, penny-pinching and ...happy!  Frugal people save money on the things that are not important to them so that they can have the things that are important to them.


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