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Frugal Living, Thrift, and Saving Money

Frugally Free

by Nikki Willhite  

People tend to think that when you are frugal, you are limiting yourself and taking away the freedom to do what you want. That is not true. It is the opposite. When you are frugal, and save money, you are giving yourself more freedom and more choices. Anyone who has ever had any of their major life choices limited by the lack of money knows the importance of money. Why be frugal?  Here is some advice from someone who has lived, learned and seen the wisdom of frugal living.

Life’s Challenges

Life is full of problems. No one I am acquainted with has made it through life without experiencing problems of some kind. Money does not solve all of them, but it does make bad situations easier to handle. When money is not an issue, it can take one level of difficulty off the table.

Emergency funds and long term savings help to insulate you from worst case scenarios when problems arise. It is important to use your youth and strength wisely. You don’t know how long they will last.

The Fun Things

In addition to the unfavorable challenges that come your way in life, the good things in life take money. Weddings, houses, and vacations can be wonderful things. The one thing they share in common is the need for money.

Young people do not need to start off their married lives with huge bills. No one has to have an extravagant wedding or incur large bills on rings and wedding trips. You will be just as married without any of these things.

Vacations are wonderful! Everyone needs to relax and unwind. The anticipation of a great trip is wonderful. Budget and save for your vacations, and you will enjoy them a lot more knowing the bills won’t follow you home.


There will come a day when you can no longer work. We all get old. We all are subject to the infirmities that come with old age. One day you will wake up and think “what the freak happened”?

You must prepare for the days when you can no longer work. When you no longer work you have even more need for spare cash, unless you want to spend every day sitting in a recliner watching television.

Frugal Freedom

Living a responsible, conservative debt free life is freedom. Debt is bondage to your creditors. Which one sounds better to you- the freedom of being debt free, or the stress having a long list of creditors to whom you owe money?

If you are young, don't make getting out of debt your primary goal in life. Avoid it in the first place. If you are in debt, get out of it! Attack your debt with all the wisdom, skill, energy and time that you have. I've never known one person who was not happy to get out of debt.

Value your time and your labor. Insulate yourself from experiencing the worst scenarios when problems arise. Live simply, and save money for both short and long term needs. Choose to be happier in life. Make a goal to become frugally free!

Did you Know...

If you need extra money you will make more money saving it than earning it. By the times you receive earned money, minus deductions, it is only a percentage of what you earned.  When you save money, you save all of it! 

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Paying Off Debt


Learn to find just as much pleasure in paying down debt as buying new things.
Don't fall into the "all or nothing" trap.  Don't become discouraged that you can't pay it all off tomorrow.  Head in the right direction, and you will eventually get there.
There are situations where debt is impossible to repay.  If you have to declare bankruptcy, clean up the mess, and get on with your life and learn from it.

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