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From the Editor

  Editor's Corner


Simple Living Slowdown

"Break it Down, Slow it Down,
and Dummy it Down"

slow man

by Nikki Willhite


Sometimes we make our lives more stressful than they need be. Sometimes it is not the things that we do that bring stress into our lives, but the way that we do them. .......

The trick to not feeling overwhelmed by any task is to slow down and break it up. Do small parts of formidable tasks a bit at a time... more


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Frugal Wisdom Thru the Ages


What does it mean to be a FRUGAL person?  Frugal people like to SAVE MONEY and stay out of debt.  Frugal people spend their money carefully.




Frugal people save money on the things that are not important to them so that they can have the things that are important to them.

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New and Featured Frugal Living  Articles on the Site


Frugal Shopping

armchairThrift Store Furniture: How to Choose Good, Frugal Used Furniture   How to find the best frugal furniture buys at thrift stores.


Frugal Stress Relief

stressed womanStress Relief: Don't Ignore the Symptoms of Stress  Some of the symptoms that may be a result of stress. 

Cartoon stress is funny.  Real stress isn't.  Stress can lead to anxiety disorders, depression and other debilitating conditions which affect the quality of your life.


Frugal Hobbies

sewing machineShould You Sew Your Clothing? Is Sewing Your Own Clothing Frugal?   

Sewing was once considered the economical way to dress. You could buy fabric at JCPenney, as well as most of your local dime stores.


Frugal Grocery Shopping

produceYou are Your Grocery Bill, by Nikki Willhite   How to save money planning meals and frugal shopping at the grocery store.


Frugal Weight Loss

weight scaleMidlife Weight Gain in Women: Put Down the Risky and Unregulated Pills, by Nikki Willhite   Why women gain weight as they get older and how to be frugal and lose weight.


Frugal Haircuts

girlSimple Living Haircuts  How to make taking care of your hair frugal and easier with a simple living cut.

Hair is important to most women. Men don't get it. I've seen too many male hair stylists cut a women's hair too short and drive them to tears.


Frugal Decorating

Indian BlanketSouthwestern Decorating - How to decorate in the frugal and rustic southwest decorating style.

Southwestern decorating can be very rustic and very frugal.  If you've ever seen "Fixer Upper" on HGTV television, you've seen touches of rustic style.


Frugal Utilities

lightbulbSave Money on Electricity,  by Nikki Willhite.  How to Cut Your Electric Bill.  Save money on home electricity costs.


Frugal Beauty

PedicureHomemade Pedicures  How to Give Yourself a Frugal and Time-Saving Pedicure at Home.


Frugal Jobs

auction hammerBuying Thrift Store Items for Ebay, by Nikki Willhite  How to buy used items and thrift store items for resale on Ebay.


Frugal Decorating

cottageFrugal Cottage Decorating  Frugal tips to decorate cottage style and have fun with cottage decorating.


Frugal Food Storage

FreezerFreezers after 40  - Frugal Use of Freezers for Empty Nesters  and those Who Live Alone.


Frugal Decorating

floral pillowFloral Decorating Beauty: How to Choose Frugal Floral Décor   How to be frugal choosing floral patterns to bring into your home.


Frugal Air Conditioning

portable floor air conditioner

Portable Floor Air Conditioners: Frugal Air Conditioning for Your Home.

Not many people have air conditioning in Seattle.  It just doesn't get hot very often.  However, when we do have the occasional heat spell, people suffer.  No one is able to sleep at night, and everyone starts grumbling... more


Frugal Computers

computer"Google It"  and Save    How to save money using the Internet to solve problems and help you and your needs.



Frugal Cooking

ParsleyCooking with Herbs   The nutritional benefits of herbs as well as the way to use them to add flavor and seasoning to your meals.


Frugal Shopping

computer tabletChristmas in July   The abundance of different personal electronic devices which have the same features and how to be frugal when choosing them.


Frugal Clothing

boy in polo shirtBuying Clothing for Children that Lasts How to recognize quality children's clothing.


Frugal Pets

DozerHow to Make Your Dog Happy: Frugal Ways to Show Your Dog Love  How to make your dog happier.

Dogs are now considered part of the family.  It is up to us to make them happy. Do you ever wonder if you are a good pet owner? ...


Frugal Home Staging

checklistHome Staging Basics: Frugal Home Staging Checklist   Frugal Home Staging checklist you can follow to get your home ready for the real estate market.





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Frugal Tip of the Week


Saving Money on the Plumber


kitchen sink


If you are thrift conscious, never put anything down your pipes but water.  Putting anything but water down your sink can be akin to throwing money out the window.  Even when you put something you think is "safe" down your drain, you need to run the water for a minute to make sure to goes all the way down the pipes..... more


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Featured Recipes of the Week



Here are links to frugal and easy salad recipes. Nothing fancy here- just classic, frugal homemade recipes.


frugal cook



Taco Bean Salad   Frugal and easy kidney bean salad with cheese, Fritos and Catalina salad dressing.



Hot Chicken Salad Recipe.   Ingredients include cooked, cubed chicken, cooked rice, celery and water chestnuts.



How to Make Homemade Coleslaw, by Nikki Willhite.     How to make good homemade coleslaw.



Frugal Favorites

frugal favorites



little house

Decorating with Texture


Fixing Up Old Cupboards


Pattern Perfect



shopping cart

Frugal Shopping - Importance of Color 


Shopping and the "Rule of 3"


Wants vs. Needs



simple blue dress

Frugal Clothing Alterations


Frugal Clothing Choices


Judging the Price of Clothing



  hammock man


Frugal Living and the Domino Effect


Manageable Tasks: a Tool for Simple Living


Simple Living and the "Law of Unintended Consequences"






Tightwad Tidbits

piggy bank

Click below to find hundreds of money saving tips in alphabetical order






























The Frugal Library

Frugal Reading



Resources for Frugal Living


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Be warm, be safe;  save time and money.