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Bowling Parties for Kids

by Nikki Willhite

Here is another idea for hosting a simple living birthday party. Do it at a bowling alley.

I went to a birthday bowling party a few weeks ago for one of my 7-year old grandsons. The kids had a blast. Some of the children at the party were as young as 5-years old.

I had no idea that bowling alleys now had a way to make bowling kid-friendly. Bumper type pads are put on the side of the lanes. This makes the lanes less wide, and the ball no longer goes in the gutter. When the ball hits the side, it then bounces off it and heads back toward the pins.

This particular bowling alley put a large banquet table above the bowling lanes for the parents and children, and they served pizza or hot dogs, and soft drinks. The also provide the linens, plates, napkins, etc. The only food the parents had to bring was the birthday cake. My son also brought ice cream, and they kept it in the freezer for him.

Another fun thing the bowling alley did was to give the birthday boy a real bowling pin, with a pen for everyone to sign it. It was really cute and will be a fun bedroom decoration and reminder of the birthday party.

If you are looking for a different type of party this year, this is another great simple living option.



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